Below are steps on to use the SEECREATEEXPRESS (SCE) Customize Tool:

  1. Select “Online Store” from the SCE’s main menu.
  2. Select “Customize” to open the SCE Customize Tool
  3. Within the SCE Customize Tool, you will find Products, Designs, Text and Uploads located on the left-hand side.
    1. Products – Where you can find available products to print your custom designs on.
    2. Designs – Where you can find SCE created designs to choose from.
    3. Text – Option to add text to your designs, with colors and font styles to choose from.
    4. Upload – This is where you can upload your “custom” designs. SCE Customize Tool accepts many different file types (PNG, AI, JPG, GIF, SVG, CDR).
  4. Once your design has been uploaded, select it, then click “Select.”
  5. Your selected design is now on the product you have chosen.
  6. Select the design, if you need to resized, rotated, or delete.
  7. On the bottom of the selected product, there are 2-6 print areas (front, back, right, and left) depending on the chosen product.
  8. More than one design can be added to one “print area.”
  9. At any time, you can change the design or product.
  10. There are more options on the bottom right of the SCE Customize Tool, right above “Get Price.”
  11. When your design is finished, click “Get Price.”
  12. You can also select “Details” for a break down of the “Total” price.
  13. Select the “size” and “quantity” then the SCE Customize Tool will give you the “Total.”
  14. You can continue and design another custom design or Click “Add To Cart” and check out!

That’s it, Easy Peasy!