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Website Design

The Powerful Advantage of Having a Website

Having a website is a great start to building a brand. A website can act like a container for all other mediums to be used and expressed through. You can showcase your designs, videos, sell products and services and it is accessible to the world.

Below are some advantages to having a website:

    • A website is the new “storefront.”
    • Customers will search websites for more information about a product or service before going to the actual store.
    • Let customers know Who you are
    • Let customers know Where you are
    • Websites have a Globe audience
    • Ease of access 24/7
    • Websites have instant communication with customers
    • Websites are sales tools for products and services
    • Websites are cost effective
    • Powerful tool to attract new customers
    • Gives customers access to ask questions and provide feed about products and services
    • Offers the opportunity to know the target audience
    • Once established it requires low maintenance

Graphic Design

Leveraging The Power of Design

“To Design is to Create, To Create is to Communicate, To Communicate is to Express Oneself. There Designing is Creating Communications that Expresses Oneself.”
– Phouvang

SEE CREATE EXPRESS LLC believes in Seeing, Creating and Expressing yourself through your work, whether it be personal or business. Every video marketing, web marketing, every logo, and ALL designs are a representation of your “brand” image. Trust and Loyalty goes into every design/ad campaign regardless of the medium output. There is a synergy of cohesiveness and consistency throughout.

A good design makes you and your brand memorable. Design is everywhere and in everything. Designs can make and break a website. Design Elements like color is a huge factor in what and how you remember what  you see. 

Visual appeal happens in milliseconds. There are hundreds upon thousands of brands, products and businesses all competing for your attention. All are going after the same goal, they want you to buy their products and/or services.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Communication is above all the forefront of Design. Design by nature is about communicating an idea, regardless of what medium is being used. A lot of Designers, especially today get overshadowed by artistic creativity and can get too far from the initial goal of communicating a message. Designing is the Art of Self-Expression.


Photo Manipulations

“An Image Is STILL, Worth a Thousand Words.”

Photo Manipulation is the art of transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Photo manipulations are considered skillful artworks being used to make a product or person look better, or simply for entertainment purposes.

Photo manipulation are often used for advertising with minimal or drastic changes to or in the image. The creative designer can convey messages that can evoke emotional responses that will trigger a reaction which can generate possible leads. Having striking  images that cater to a specific audience will have an amazing experience for visitors to a website. 

A website can be well written with wonderful dialog with text, but including beautiful looking images will continue to add an emotional connection and keep the audience attention. Images will always draw people’s attention. People are curious in nature.