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About See Create Express (SCE)

SCE has over 15 years of experience in the areas of Design and Marketing. We can help you grow your business through Graphic, Web and Video Marketing campaigns from start to finish. 

SCE Knowledge, Skills & Experiences

Video Marketing/Editing 95%
WordPress Web Design 95%
Graphic Design 95%
Logo Design, Branding & Marketing 95%
Trainings & Seminars 95%
InDesign 95%
Illustrator 95%
Photoshop 95%
Photography 90%

SCE Services

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is Increasing Rapidly With The Growth of Online Marketing. We Can Create FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube Videos with "Intros" and "Outros" to Market on Their Platforms.

Web Design

Create Beautiful, Functional, 100% Responsive 5 to 10 Page WordPress Website Promoting Your Products &/or Services. Build Landing Pages That Drive Potential Customers to The Spot.

Graphic Design

FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube Banners & Thumbnails, Corporate LOGOS, Interactive E-books, Print Banners & Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Stationery, and more!

Photo Manipulation

Background Removal, Removing or Adding Object/Person, Document Editing, Cropping and Re-sizing, Image Restoration, Color to B&W, Sepia, Vintage, Brighten, Lighten, Darken and more!

Brand Consultations

Branding is The Most Important Part of Building a "Customer-Relationship" Business, Especially When We Are in The Business of "Service." We Can Help in Creating Your Specific Brand.

Video Marketing

See Create Express can design and create “intro” and “outro” pieces to add to your YouTube or Vimeo videos to capture your target audience attention. Once you have their attention you can guide them to your appropriate products or services.

Below are some sample “Intros” and “Outros” clips that can be added to the beginning or the end of your video to spark their curiosity and pull them in.

Web Marketing

See Create Express can design and create a 5 to 10 page web site that will help market your products, services and most importantly your overall “brand” recognition. Today, a website is the new “storefront.” People in general will search websites for more information about a particular product or service before going to the actual store.

Below are some sample web page designs that can be created according to your business desired look and feel.

Graphic Design

“To Design is to Create, To Create is to Communicate, To Communicate is to Express Oneself. There Designing is Creating Communications that Expresses Oneself.”

SCE believes in Seeing, Creating and Expressing yourself through your work, whether it be personal or business. Every video marketing, web marketing, and ALL designs is a representation of your “brand” image. Trust and Loyalty goes into every design/ad campaign regardless of the medium output. There is a synergy of cohesiveness and consistency throughout.


Below are some sample graphic design pieces that SCE can created and express your products and services to the world.

Photo Manipulation

The art of transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Photo manipulations are considered skillful artworks being used to make a product or person look better, or simply for entertainment purposes. Depending on your niche and need SCE can create/manipulation to your expected outcome.

Brand Consultations


Video marketing is the go to service for marketing your brand and SCE can help with your video marketing campaigns. In general, people love to use videos on their social media platforms. There is power in a well-made video that people connect with. People and businesses love the idea of having their videos playing on YouTube, Vimeo, or any video platform offered online.

The one reason people tend to really love about their video is the “viral” factor. When a video is seen and liked it is shared all over social media platforms.

A “VIRAL” video is a dream for any person, business or BRAND!

"Be The Change You Want to See!"

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