Mindful Breathing

Bringing Aware, Alert, & Attentive Living to Life

Mindful breathing is not about going somewhere, but the practice of returning to ourselves. It is learning to be aware, alert, and attentive to our inner and external environment. The ability to be in the here and now. It is enjoying the moment as it is being created. Each moment that has been created was created for us and no one else. Everyone has their own unique experiences created especially for them. Not two people are exactly the same. We all can see the movie and walk away with a different experience. When life happens, it happens for us, it is not our life, we are a part of it and it is a part of us. We are here because of life. Life has accepted us into its arms. Everything we need is within it.

Most of us keep searching hoping to find something. Over the years we seek “it” but never find it. All the times we have been searching and looking, most of us still come up empty. Stop searching. Life just is. To say there is nothing else is not true, because in life there is so much to discover and learn from. Stop searching. Life just happens. We need to learn how to slow down see it, and enjoy it. We are always moving mentally, emotionally, and physically. We cannot sit silently. We cannot sit still. When we try to be silent and still we hear our minds chattering (thoughts running amok).

Mindful Breathing is a tool we use to help us to find peace and balance that we all seek but rarely find. During Mindful Breathing, participants will first learn about energy, how energy is everywhere, and how it is constantly moving through us. Energy is within us and without us. Through the power of the breath, we learn to tap into it. “If we cannot breathe properly, we cannot perform properly.” Mindful Breathing will be the very starting point to begin our mental and emotional awareness training. Once a good foundation has been established, participants will continue on to Stretching for Mind & Body. The goal is to achieve “personal” self-control by aligning the mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

When we train ourselves to be mindful of our breathing, we begin to let go of our fears and insecurities. We begin to let of control. Letting go of control brings about freedom. We also develop a system of consciousness that resonates throughout our physical bodies. We begin to gain “personal” self-control of ourselves. With daily Mindful Breathing practices, we will begin to bring about balance and a peaceful calmness that will resonate happiness, health, and wealth within our inner world. It is a self-cultivation process that teaches us to be one with all things within our environment. Once we understand this, we begin to let things be what they are without insisting or imposing our energy upon them.

Breathing is life. Enjoy every breath you take in. Feel the energy as it revives and passes through your overall being. Several full breaths will do wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

“Just Breathe. Enjoy the Breath.”

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